Securing The Best Possible Resolution To Contract Disputes

Contracts are a part of daily life for businesses and individuals. From commercial leases to insurance policies and a whole host of other situations, contracts play a role in defining the rights and responsibilities of people and business owners when they want to commit to a particular deal.

When contract disputes arise, the first step is to make sure that the contract actually says what you think it says. There may be drafting errors that helped create the dispute. I can provide the interpretation you need and begin building a case to help you secure the outcome you need.

Some common types of contract disputes include:

  • Bad faith insurance claims — If your insurance company is refusing to fully honor a claim in a timely fashion, it may be operating in bad faith. I can help you enforce the terms of your insurance policy and help you secure the compensation you paid for.
  • Separation agreements — If your spouse is not complying with the terms of the separation agreement you both signed on to, I can help you enforce those terms. You deserve to be able to live under the conditions you agreed to when negotiating the separation agreement.

I offer my skilled and experienced assistance on these and all other types of contract disputes.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience Helping People Pursue Positive Outcomes

I am attorney Neil S. Weiner. I am a lifelong resident of Saratoga County. I have been practicing law here in the Capital District for more than three decades. During that time I have honed my litigation skills and acquired the experience necessary to be able to help my clients secure the best possible outcomes when a contract dispute arises. I can help you pursue the most appropriate remedy to your particular situation, including: damages, restitution, rescission and specific performance.

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