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Determinations of child support levels can have a huge impact on the financial stability of either parent's household. If the levels are set too high, the noncustodial parent may not be able to support his or her household. If the levels are set too low, the child's needs may not be met or the financial stability of the custodial parent's household may be put at risk.

Child support levels are determined by a formula in state guidelines. The formula is designed to ensure uniformity amongst child support determinations.

Child support determinations consist of three components:

  • Basic support
  • Health care
  • Child care expenses

The process of determining appropriate child support payments begins by entering both parents' income into the formula. This identifies what is called basic support. Health care expenses and child care expenses are then added to the basic support sum to arrive at appropriate child support levels.

My experience includes working with independent contractors and others who may have income situations that are not as clear cut as employees who receive a W2 at the end of the year.

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I also offer my assistance to those seeking child support modifications.

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